“I have nothing but rave reviews for Our Cool School! I initially sent my son there at 3 month old back in 2009 and had a fantastic experience.

My daughter is now in the infant room and again it has been a fantastic place for her and for our family.

When looking for a daycare facility I wanted more then a place with a developmentally appropriate curriculum and good communication, I wanted a nurturing

environment and providers who would love my children. I have found that at Our Cool School My daughter loves to go to daycare everyday and I have no

hesitation leaving her in loving arms of her teachers every day.  I have a flexible schedule and I have often arrived unannounced, each time I have found the class

engaged in appropriate play, art projects, reading, etc. I am thrilled with love and care my daughter receives at Our Cool School.”

Margaret M.

May 19, 2014

Testimonial about Our Cool School

I have had a great experience at Our Cool School. We have been on and off and on again bringing our kids to Our Cool School since 2010. First my daughter was at the Marion St location while she was a toddler and we loved it! Last year when I have my second child I had no doubt we were going to have him go to Our Cool School as well. Our son is going to the Hammond St location since last fall and we also love it there. The manager and owner of both locations are great! They are very welcoming and accommodating and try to help us accommodate our family needs. The managers and teacher are very affectionate and go out of their way to care for the kids. Both my daughter and now our son loves going to daycare and love their teachers. We love the place and the people there and when the time come that our son is older and we have to move on to a different school, just like when the time came for our daughter, we will be very sad to leave Our Cool School. I would absolutely very strongly recommend both location!

Manuela Polydoro

“We are extremely pleased with the care our son is receiving in the infant room at Our Cool School Childcare! Our son started when he was four month old. This

was difficult transition for us as parents, but the staff at School helped to make it smooth and painless. The staff is warm and loving – our son loves being at daycare

Additionally the staff is professional and maintains excellent communication with parents. Overall, we love Our Cool School Childcare!”

Katharine & Andrey Avanesov

“We couldn’t be happier with the care that our son has received while attending Our Cool School. He always has a smile on his face when we drop him off in

the morning, and that smile is still there at the end of the day when we pick him up. The staff is so loving and attentive to our son and his needs, and we feel quite

fortunate to have found Our Cool School!”

Brian Lowe

“When our daughter started to attend Our Cool School, we had just moved from another country. She wasn’t even 2 years old and only understood French. But

from day one our daughter felt safe with teachers and the other kids – and so did we! The staff found ways to communicate with her, care for her, while she learned

English, which we don’t speak at home. Throughout the years the teachers have always been flexible, able to adapt to affective or social needs to our daughter,

patient and supportive in transition times, such as the end of breastfeeding, letting go of the pacifier, potty training, moving, etc. After more then three years

attending the childcare, our daughter is still eager to be with her teachers and her friends and at the end of the day, we find her happy, tired for a whole day

of playing and learning (and no TV nor computer), soothed by a safe and caring environment, and eager to tell us all about it. New she can speak good English,

write her letters and numbers, play be herself or with other kids, follow directed activities, deal with conflicts, show respect, empathy and generosity, etc.

She is fully prepared to start kindergarten!”

Kathrine and Daniel

“After extensive research by my loving wife, we chose to put our son in Our Cool School Childcare. We are just completing our first full year with Larisa and her staff. We are absolutely thrilled with Larisa and her business.

Her childcare facility is very, very clean and well stocked. She, and her staff, are very loving and they treat our son like he is their own child. We really like Larisa’s approach to learning and discipline and her attention to nutrition. We would highly recommend Our Cool School Childcare.”

Lucy K.

“We have loved our first 4 months at Our Cool School. Our now 2 year old daughter has continued blossoming in all respects during this time. We just increased from 2 to 3 days per week.

She eagerly looks forward to going to School every single time, and speaks of Natasha and Tanya as if about family. They have created an exceedingly warm and loving and also well-bounded environment that is a perfect for emotional and academic learning.

Are there a few things that I wish were different? Sure, and Larisa and her staff always try their best to accommodate our particular needs as best as they can. Overall we have been very happy here.”

Oksana D.

“When we first started looking for a daycare for 14 months old son,we just moved to the neighborhood and we didn’t know anyone and the area. I was frustrated I couldn’t find a good fit for my son after touring more than 10-15 places. Then I came across Our Cool School website, I didn’t keep my hopes up. I thought it might be just another one of those filthy dark or a living room size daycare.

But I had to give it a try since I still didn’t have one that I could consider.
When I first walked in Our Cool School daycare, I immediately felt relieved. This school is separated from her house and it’s very clean and bright. She has rooms for different activities and a nice backyard for kids to play.

She provides music, art, gymnastic classes, parties, and field trips. Our son continually surprises us with the things he learns from Larisa. We are so happy our son is actually learning numbers, ABC and much more at such a young age. Larisa has great academic curriculum for her kids because she believes kids learn through play at very young age.

Oh , one more great thing about Our Cool School is it’s a well diverse school. Our son gets to know kids from different cultures. My husband and me are from two different countries, so we want our son to be open-minded and appreciate different cultures.

If you are looking for a daycare for your little one, make sure you check out
Our Cool School Childcare”

Myrtha L.

“We are so glad that we found Our Cool School Childcare! After extensively researching a number of daycare/childcare facilities in the general area, we ended up choosing Our Cool School.
This school is very warm, friendly and has really taken care of our son over the last few months. We have seen significant improvement in his development, both cognitively and developmentally. Under Linda’s expert care, he eats well, sleeps well and seems to be genuinely happy to be there. As first-time parents, it was extremely important to us to find a childcare where we could trust our little one to capable hands. We feel lucky to have found this school. We highly recommend Our Cool School Childcare and highly recommend anyone looking for high quality childcare to check them out.”

Miranda P.

“My wife and I had our first child about 6-months ago and we unfortunately didn’t have any immediate family located in the Brookline Area to help out. We were referred to this school through a mutual friend and Linda basically became our extended family. As first-time parents we learned much from Linda and she’s a natural with children. When our son was 2-months old, Linda was the first sitter we felt we could trust and she really made it easier for us to venture out of our house and truly relax – knowing he was being taken care of. Linda also helped us get our son on a schedule and sleeping in a crib. I really can’t express how much she helped us out. Thank you Linda and Our Cool School! That is really a Cool school!”

Dinara G.

“Our son has been attending Our Cool School Childcare since he was 12 months old. We probably looked at more than 10 places before selecting Larisa‘s place. Her School really stood out to us by how clean and spacious it was. After looking at some very scary places, I’ve almost given up and hired a nanny.

Transition: From the very beginning Larisa and Linda have been wonderful to our son. Prior to our first day Larisa sat down and put together a plan for transitioning to full time care. She explained to us how transitions work and what to expect. By the middle of the first week our son wasn’t crying upon our departure and looked very happy to be going in.

Diapering/Hygiene: I’ve heard numerous stories from my friends about diaper rashes and other diseases that were picked up in daycare. To my relief over the last twelve months, my son hasn’t gone home once in a dirty diaper, had a diaper rush, or any kind of fungal infections that are so common to Brookline day-cares. Also, I visited the daycare at random times and without warning on several occasions. I was very happy to see that even during the day all the kids are clean and well taken care of.

Overall, Our Cool School has been amazing to us. From helping our son to learn to walk to now potty training him at 21 months, I don’t think I could be happier. I love that we get updates on how he is doing every time we pick him up. Now every morning our son runs in and forgets to even say goodbye. He seems very happy, he has made friends and is picking up two languages very quickly.

I highly recommend this daycare to any parent who is looking for a carrying, clean and structured environment for their child.”

Susan L.

“When we chose Our Cool School for our first day care experience as parents , it was because we wanted to find a day care that seems like it was there because of a love for children first, not simply because of the desire to have a business. After scoping out 3 other spots, we knew we had found what we were looking for with Larisa‘s program. It is with profound appreciation we feel as parents that we can leave our daughter in Our Cool School’s care, knowing she will be safe, loved, engaged, and encouraged. Linda and Larisa – we cannot thank you and your crew enough!”

Olga K.