Our curriculum is designed to develop and reinforce each infant’s individuality. Children participate in sensory-based learning experiences, while receiving positive, nurturing guidance.
At School is Cool, we know infants are constantly learning through observation. Within our infant daycare program, we provide fun activities that will help them build upon their cognitive, communication, emotional, fine motor, gross motor and social skills.
Activities in the infant daycare classroom include:
Playing peek-a-boo, completing simple wooden puzzles, singing, exploring clay objects with their hands, practicing rolling over and tummy time and listening to music.

Areas of Development
The School is Cool infant daycare curriculum focuses on your infant’s primary areas of development.
Emotional Skills ~ We encourage infants to explore their emotions. Teachers spend time singing, playing with puppets, and dancing to make your child feel happy and secure.
Social Skills ~ We strive to instill social skills in our children. We start by helping your infant become aware of other people, and move on to imitating hand and facial gestures.
Communication Skills ~ Our curriculum contains many activities designed to increase your infant’s communication skills, which include listening and making sounds. Infants observe themselves in a child-safe mirror as they make a variety of sounds, and they are spoken to constantly by their teachers.
Fine Motor Skills ~ Infants’ fine motor skills, which include finger and hand movements, need to be stimulated in many different ways in order for them to improve. We offer a wide variety of fine motor skill activities for your infant, from simply shaking a rattle, to scooping up finger foods, to raking his hands through a container of cornmeal.
Gross Motor Skills ~ We address all of your infant’s gross motor skills, which include reaching for objects, kicking, sitting, and walking. Infants are encouraged to lie on their stomachs and look at and reach for books and toys to increase their core muscle strength. Infants may even participate in an obstacle course to motivate them to crawl or walk.
Cognitive Skills ~ Cognitive skills are the foundation of learning and knowledge. We focus on infants’ explorations of their environment. Your infant will be encouraged to make associations based on prior knowledge and explore the concept of cause and effect by dumping out toys, building and knocking down towers, and manipulating stacking rings.