About Us


About Us

Since 1998, our Learning Centers have been providing nurturing care and quality teaching to young children. Because our Centers are independent and family oriented, our teachers are not bound by the “one size fits all” corporate-designed instruction manuals so often found in today’s corporate chain facilities.

Our dedication to a shared family philosophy allows our teachers the flexibility to adapt our programs to individual child needs, as well as family needs. This flexibility lends itself to teacher creativity, sensitivity and longevity. Because many of our teachers have been with us for years, we have established continuity in our curriculum. Yet, we are constantly refreshing and adapting our resource-rich library of teaching methods and curriculum not only to meet but to exceed today’s education standards.

We know there is no reward greater than the joyful smile of a child!

We are proud to have such experienced teachers guide your child through these exciting years of learning through Fun and Fascination. Each program in our exclusively developed curriculum, Learning through Fun and Fascination, places a strong emphasis on developing your child’s emotional, social, physical and self-help skills. As your child masters these skills, we introduce expanded learning skills that focus on language, math and science.

In addition to our full-teaching staff, we provide specialized enrichment programs for our children. Each week our children enjoy classes by visiting specialists in the field of:


  • music
  • art
  • yoga
  • dance
  • tennis
  • math

Main Office
115 Marion St, Brookline MA
Phone: 617-413-5009 / 617-232-5600
E-mail: camp@ourcoolschool.com
We Open
7:30 AM – 6:30 PM